Receptor Family
Receptor-like protein tyrosine phosphatases (RPTPs)   

In contrast to the kinase receptors, RPTPs dephosphorylate downstream proteins. Most RPTPs contain two intracellular catalytic domains that are arranged in tandem. Receptor homodimerization inhibits the constitutive activity of RPTPalpha(53, 54). The majority of RPTPs are orphan receptors and only midkine and pleiotrophin have been suggested as ligands for RPTP-zeta (55). Pleiotrophin appears to suppress the receptor's constitutive activity, thus increasing the levels of tyrosine phosphorylation of various intracellular proteins (56). One known function of RPTPs is the regulation of neuronal migration (57). Some RPTPs have extracellular domains similar to cell adhesion molecules, suggesting potential roles in cellular adhesion. Because of their presence in sponges, RPTPs likely originated before the parazoan-eumetazoan split (58).
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